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Is It Safe to Take Expired Medicine?

The Risks of Older Prescriptions

It can be tempting to take expired medication, especially if you feel sick and don't have any other options. However, is it safe to do so? In this blog, learn the risks associated with expired medication and why it might be best to avoid taking expired medication altogether.

The Risks of Taking Expired Medication

Taking expired medication can be dangerous, as the drug may no longer be effective. It can also lead to side effects and can even cause serious harm in some cases. In addition, taking expired medication can interfere with how your body absorbs other medications you are taking, making them less effective or even harmful.

Contact your doctor immediately if you've taken an expired medication and are experiencing side effects.

When Should You Not Take Expired Medication?

It is generally not safe to take expired medication if:

  • The expiration date has passed
  • The medication has been stored improperly or kept in extreme temperatures
  • The appearance of the drug has changed (for example, if the color has changed or the pills have disintegrated)
  • The medication is for a life-threatening illness, and you can't get a new prescription

Always talk to your doctor before taking any expired medications. They can help you determine if it is safe to take based on your situation.

The Bottom Line

Although there can be exceptions, taking expired medication is generally not safe to do. If you're unsure whether or not it is safe to take an expired medication, talk to your doctor before taking any action. They can help you determine your situation's best course of action.

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