Pinnacle HealthCare, as the emerging leader in providing Workers' Compensation care to the Central Coast of California, is proud to offer a comprehensive solution to Workers' Compensation injury.


We develop a comprehensive program for injury prevention, objective injury evaluation, wellness programs and treatment; our comprehensive systems are designed to keep you healthy, productive and safe. We are here to support and drive the rapid resolution of your injury diagnosis and symptoms.


We achieve this by applying a comprehensive solution:

  • Coordinated medical care with decades of experience and expertise

  • Working with the insurance company, insurance adjusters and employers to assure rapid interventions, referrals and timely reporting

  • Implementing an effective return to work & transitional duty program

  • Medical cost management

  • Recognizing fraud and abuse

  • Improving communication with employees, and training supervisors

  • Extensive appointment availability and flexibility

  • Physical Examination and Screening Services

  • Drug and Alcohol Services

  • Medical Monitoring and Surveillance Testing

As an injured Employee, please discuss and report your injury to your employer immediately. We are happy to assist you in approving your entry into medical care with your employer.

As an Employer, we offer our expertise and partnership in developing a comprehensive solution to your employment and injury care needs. This begins with a coordinated discussion of your needs:

  • Employer Protocol - the menu of services you wish to offer your employees

    • Post injury Drug screens or screenings

    • Preferred referral path

    • Contact individuals and reporting

  • Insurance coverage

  • Policy information

  • Effective dates

  • Development and review of an effective return to work program

  • On site safety review

  • Ergonomic assessment

  • Pre-Employment Screening

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